Recurring items feature


We all have a long to-do list. Within that to-do list, many tasks are recurrent: paychecks, appointments, reports, meetings and many other tasks. To make your life easier, Kohezion has a great feature to create recurring items. For this example, I will use the task tracker but this feature can be used for any type of application or project.


How to create a recurring item in Kohezion

Here is how you create a recurring item. Under the tab «Projects», select the project for which you want to create a recurring item. Select «New». Fill in all the fields.

Recurring task name

Give a name to your recurring task.

Selecting the period

Select the date this recurring task starts (From) and finishes (To).

Selecting the schedule

Select one of the above:
Every day.
Every weekday.
Every [day of the week] of every [number] week(s).  Example: Pay my employees every Thursday of every 2 weeks.
Every [number] of every [number] month(s).  Example: Send my auto-evaluation every 15th of every 3 months.
Every first [day of the week] of every [number] month(s). Example: Send my timesheet every first Monday of every 1 month.
Every last [day of the week] of every [number] month(s). Example: Clean the pool of that client every last Friday of 2 months.

Completing the other fields

You then fill in all the fields just as you would for any other item or task.

If you have a field «Assigned to», the person you assign the task to will automatically receive an email every time the recurring task occur.

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