Your Small Business Needs These 4 Great IT Tips

Your Small Business Needs These 4 Great IT Tips Kohezion online database software
Small business owners are not always comfortable choosing a new software to manage their business data. It may feel like a daunting task to sort through all the possibilities, and they may not think they have the knowledge to base... Read more

Turnkey Solutions For Busy Businesses

Turnkey solution online database software low cost customized development
When getting on board with a new online database software account, businesses can choose to either build their database applications themselves or to benefit from the expertise of our data architecture specialists. If you are not sure what a turnkey... Read more

Adobe FormsCentral Free Alternative

Adobe FormsCentral Alternative plan b online database software
Adobe retired its form builder on July 28, 2015, leaving its users without a readily available replacement. If you are looking for a free online form builder as an alternative for your outdated and unusable FormsCentral account, Kohezion might just... Read more

GDPR: Are You Ready for Compliance?

GDPR personal data protection European Union
Even if Kohezion’s headquarters are established in Canada, we support clients all over the world, including the European Union (EU). Kohezion is aware of the upcoming changes to personal data protection regulations and is now offering encrypted servers located in... Read more

One-to-many relationship: How to link your applications together

One-to-many relationship linking feature
  To gain in efficiency, many small business owners use an online database software to gather and manage business data. Numerous features are offered to boost their productivity. This post explains the concept of one-to-many relationship and how it translates into... Read more