Application Showcase

If you are reading this blog, you probably know what an application is and what it can do for you. Just in case you don't, let me give you a simple explanation of what an online database application is. Let's... Read more

The bloggers I admire

Do you read a lot? Magazines? Books? Blogs? All of the above and more? I'm in the last category, I read a lot! Do I need to read only about SaaS and software development? No! I want to be a... Read more

Bring your soul to work

Mondays are busy, we don't have much time to read but maybe we have time to ponder a bit. This is why, from now on, I'm proposing a quote to reflect on every monday. «Without work, all life goes rotten.... Read more

I promise not to make your life miserable

When we think about collaboration, we see it as a fruitful exchange between two persons in a work setting. What about the collaboration between a customer and the service provider? Service providers have a great deal of power over you... Read more

Because I know what I want

Don't we all love to customize everything? From the architecture of your house to the color of your hair, from the design of you coffee mug to your vegan shoes, every product or service is customizable. But, how far can... Read more