What can you learn from your friendships?

  Learning to say goodbye Today, we had to say goodbye to great friends we met a few months ago. We are infinitely grateful for this improbable encounter. We were not meant to meet since we come from different countries. We... Read more

Did you invest lately?

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Are you waiting for your plane to crash?

  Ric Elias went through a scary life changing event in January 2009. The plane he boarded crashed into the Hudson River in New York. While his plane was crashing, he realized 3 things about himself. What can we learn... Read more

Meeting calendar application showcase

  As I told you yesterday, meetings can cost you a lot more time and money you could ever imagine. Even if we’re trying to keep the meetings scarce and short, we still have to meet once in a while.... Read more

Can you afford daily meetings?

    The cost of unnecessary meetings How often does your team have meetings? Daily, weekly, monthly? Do you know what is the cost of an hour long daily meeting? Let's say your 5 people team meets for one hour... Read more