Custom Database Software – Cost-Effective with Quick Turnaround

Right now, you can use low- code custom database software to create the data storage solutions of the future… today! The beauty of it is that, once designed and implemented, your new custom database can be used for as long... Read more

Excel Online – Why It Shouldn’t Play A Part In Your Business’ Data Storage Plan

Right off the bat, here’s a valuable tip: Excel Online should not play a major part in your business’ data storage strategy. We will see precisely why that is, but for now just remember that your data – whether it... Read more

Excel Online: For Temporary Data Storage Use ONLY

Here’s a point to ponder: Excel should never be used as a permanent data storage solution. This is because Microsoft’s flagship spreadsheet solution was never intended to be used as a permanent database solution. What it was meant to do,... Read more

Excel Online – Not meant to be a database

Data worksheet database cloud online.jpg
One critical mistake many small businesses make is when they choose Excel Online as a database solution. In fact, a large number of businesses use spreadsheet application exclusively to hold all of their data. Over the years, this mistake has... Read more

Excel Online – The Right Time to Move Away

Spreadsheet data migration to cloud.jpg
Small businesses usually choose Excel Online as their first database or bookkeeping software solutions; they even find some more innovative ways of using it. If you are a small business yourself, you will probably have started out with this spreadsheet... Read more