Why Online Database Software Is A Lot Like Golf

golf is just like online database software Kohezion


Golf and technology have a lot in common. Read on to learn what parallels I think we can make between golf and online database software.


It can be played alone but it’s better with partners

You sure can play golf alone but it’s a lot more fun with partners. Being part of a team and contributing to its success is greatly rewarding.

It’s just the same with online database software, you sure can create amazing database applications and use them alone. But if you share them with your team, this is when the magic happens. Using database applications to log all the important information under the same roof is a great asset for any business.

If all the players in your team shouldn’t have the same accesses in your online database software account, this is not a problem. The role-based security is an important feature of such business solutions. If you are not sure what it is, watch this video and read the associated knowledge base article.

Basic equipment works but a few added features will help you achieve better results

You can play golf with any random clubs. You will be able to hit the ball. But if you used your favourite clubs, the ones that are customized to your exact needs, you will definitely perform better.

In your online database software account, you can use the ready-made ad hoc database applications and forget about customization. Your online database software will still deliver great results. But it gets even better when you take advantage of all the amazing features and customization possibilities.

With online database software, you can create customized database applications without programming. Design the apps you have always dreamed of. You can create as many as you need. When your applications are ready, create projects, searches, dashboards, multi-projects calendars, reports and much more to get the most out of your data.

Everyone can play

No matter the age, sex or experience, anybody can play golf. Young kids will learn patience and concentration. Couples will strengthen ties playing together. Retirees will only be happy to have more time to play.

It is just the same with online database software. Anyone can use it. You don’t need to know how to code since there is no programming involved. You only need a basic understanding of how a computer program work. Let’s put it that way, if you can use your social media accounts and the Microsoft Office Suite, you can create your own database applications within your online database software account. All the features are easily customized.

It’s good for business

We can all agree that many contracts are unofficially signed on the golf course. Playing golf is good for the business. Golf tournaments are a great time to meet prospective leads. Many CEO’s will invite potential business partners to play golf to size their character and evaluate if they will move forward with the business deal.

Online database software will not push you to do networking but it will help you a great deal to manage all the information surrounding your leads. Create database applications to manage the information about your contacts such as leads, clients and providers. Link your tasks to the appropriate contacts. Set some recurring tasks to make sure important tasks are not forgotten. Use the reminder feature to make sure you don’t forget your planned calls, meetings and follow-ups. Online database software will save your business time and money.


Did you think there could be a parallel between golf and online database software? Do you see any other similarities? Leave a comment to share your insight with other readers.


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