Online Database – Be more efficient in these uncertain times

Our lives will probably never be the same once we make it through the Coronavirus pandemic. What is almost certain, though, is that it will have changed the business landscape forever. For one, it has already made us more aware about the importance of using an online database to store and access our data.

One direct outcome of the pandemic has been the increased awareness that it has become a necessity for businesses to use an accessible secure and centralized database, at one stage or another of their processes, if they want to efficiently work with, collaborate on, and share their data. And it looks like this necessity is here to stay.

As a matter of fact, using an online database could be the trick that helps businesses and professionals make it through these uncertain times and then sustain them afterwards.

And so, let’s jump right in and have a look at how this is so:

Social distancing with productivity

Social distancing, the limiting of physical contact, is one of the recommended ways of preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

The best way of limiting person-to-person contact in a business environment is to sparsely scatter employees across the office or send some staff home to let them work from there. But, that poses another problem: how can everyone work together when they are spread all over the place?

The answer would be for everyone to have access to real-time data stored in a secure online database. This is a perfect data storage solution that can easily be created, maintained, and accessed from around the world.

This brings us to…

Working from home, sharing data globally

Just because they are working from home doesn’t mean the staff can’t use an online database. As a matter of fact, this would be the ideal time to make use of a global data storage solution that is accessible from their living rooms.

For one, it would be a better option than having to work with data storage solutions like Excel Online, for example, which, although very common in the working environment, were nonetheless never intended for a collaborative working environment.

Yes; the staff can initially use Excel Online – or even the offline, desktop version – temporarily, and then sync it with an online database solution so everybody else can also have access to the data. The earlier and more regularly the syncing is done, the better – it just shouldn’t be the permanent, standalone data storage solution.

On the contrary, it would make more sense to opt for an online database solution where users can create:

  • Highly interactive user interfaces (UI’s) – to ensure data integrity and enforce input parameters
  • Tailored databases – that meet any unique data storage requirements, and
  • Customized reports – to address information output requests

Cost-effective data storage

When it comes to storing data, nothing makes more financial sense than using an online database solution. Here’s why:

  • There is no need to pay for an IT department or the staff required to run it – the cloud hosting company is responsible for all the servers, databases, and data under their care
  • Businesses can get the latest hardware and software solutions without having to dip into budgets that are already tight – here too, clients can rest assured that the hosting company will make the latest technology is at their disposal
  • The amount of money a business saves by keeping data secure is incalculable – nothing can ruin a business faster than the loss of their clients’ data; again, the cloud hosts take care of all security issues

Putting it all together, it is easy to see why moving data to a cloud database would be the financially sensible thing to do. Every single cent saved could mean the critical difference between businesses staying afloat or going under.

Rise of hacking and malicious attacks

Sadly, there has been a rise of cyberattacks by hackers looking to take advantage of the lax security caused by the sudden influx of people working from home. Many of these people have never had to worry about the security of their systems – something that is usually left to the tech people in the office.

Now, they find they are suddenly exposed to malicious attacks targeting their personal and business data and the logical solution would be to hide it where it can’t be found. Therefore, anyone working from home would be wise to store their data in an online database – as opposed to a local database like Excel, for example.

A local system can always be compromised as long as malicious attackers continue to prey on a worried world; this would be difficult to do to a cloud database. This is because, even if a home device was compromised and it led to a complete system crash, the data would still be safe and backed-up in the cloud.

Online database – access your data from anywhere

As we have seen above, now is the time to make the move to a cloud data storage system. It is unfortunate that it took a pandemic to do it, but many businesses are just now becoming aware of the advantages of using an online database solution.

And needless to say, it is the businesses that had the foresight of leveraging online databases that will today have a leg up on the competition.

But, it’s not too late – your business too can still take advantage of an online database.

Just contact us to find out how.

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