One Incredible Database Application Transformation

When you create an application in your Kohezion account, the ad hoc template is a simple task tracker as you can see here.


Simple Task Tracker


New application as is Kohezion


At first, this ad hoc application includes these fields:

ID: This is a unique identification number for each item.

Task Name: A single line text field used to name your item.

Due Date: Use this date field to mark the date this task should be over by.

Assigned to: Assign a user responsible for this item.

Status: The values in this drop down field are progress, finished, waiting approval and refused.

Created by, Create Date & Last Save: These fields will record who created this item, when it was created and the date it was last saved.

Comment section: The comment section allows the users to add multiple comments to this item and to have this comment sent to one or more user if they desire.

File section: Just as for the comments, the file section allows the users to attach one or many files to this item.


Customize the ad hoc application

As I said, this can be a very useful simple task tracker but I would like to turn it into something completely different. It is time to go back to school so let’s help a few teachers out there and create a nice student tracker.

These are the changes I made to the task tracker to turn it into a student tracker.

ID: The ID stays.

Student last and first name: The task name becomes the student last name. I added another single line text right after to add the student first name.

Birthday: I changed the due date field into the birthday field. Here is a quick tip to remember the birthday of your students. Use the reminder feature to receive an email a few days in advance!

I removed the assigned to and status fields.

Allergies: I created an allergy field in a drop down menu and made it mandatory so we can make sure to ask this question when a new student joins the school. The system will not let you save the information about this student until you select a value in this field.

Comment section: I kept the comment section with the send to field. The school principal and other professionals working in the school could have their own username and these comments could be sent to them if the situation demands it.

Assignation section: I turned the file section into an assignation section. The assignations usually change each school year. This is why I put these informations in a section so you can input the new information each year without loosing the data from previous years. I used a userlist field (each teacher is a user) to know who is the primary teacher for this specific student. I used a drop down menu with the list of all classrooms to know in which classroom this student should be. I also added the school year start and end date as a reference.

To change the look, for all the fields, I selected the property “show field name above field”. This is purely cosmetic but sometimes we just want our application to look good. It also allows you to add longer field names without having in crammed into a short label width.

When I was done customizing my application, this is what it looked like. We’re far from a task tracker! It took me less then 30 minutes to create this application.


Student Tracking Application Kohezion


Create custom searches

As for the searches, I created a simple default search that will only return the students assigned to the current logged in user. When I’m logged in, this search will only return my students but won’t show other teacher’s students.


My Students Default Search Kohezion


Create students projects and items

Once I was happy with the student application I created, I created my project and was then able to create my students items. This is what it looks like.


Student Tracker Item Example Kohezion


What kind of application do you need? Leave a comment and my next application showcase article could be about you!

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