On being accessible


I love to connect with new people. I am sending many emails a day in order to make new connections. Also, when I write about interesting people in this blog, I email the person to let her know about what I wrote. It is another great way to make connections.

To share or not to share your email address publicly

But quite a few times lately, I encountered a very frustrating problem. I spent a lot of time on websites or blogs not being able to find the address to directly email the person. I could find all your social media connections, the address to reach your entourage, but I couldn’t find your personal address. Don’t get me wrong, I am a great fan of social media. You can find me and our business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many more. But sometimes, I want to reach you personally. I don’t want to speak to your editor. I don’t want to get an answer from your personal assistant. I want to connect with YOU.

My point is very simple. If you are a person of interest, especially if you have a blog or a website sharing information that can create reactions, by all mean, give an email address to easily be reached by your readers, customers and clients. Be open, be accessible. Maybe you will receive a lot of spam, but I am sure you will also receive quite a few praises and great propositions.

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