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What is online database software?

An online database software is a tool that will let you build your own web-based database applications. It is also called an application builder. But what is a database application? Another word for database application would be a template. Some vendors will also call it a form. This application, template or form is the content you build adding different fields together in order to gather your data. For example, your data could be information about your clients, tasks, contracts or progression notes. Sky is the limit. With an online database software, you can create any application that will suit the needs of your business.

Once you are done designing your application, it will then serve as the blueprint for your different projects. You can create many projects from one application and all your projects will contain numerous items. If we go back to a simple example such as a client application, it could contain fields such as single line text fields for the name of the company, first name, last name and email address. We could also add a dropdown field for the status of this client with values such as active or inactive, prospect or customer. Once you are satisfied with your client application, you will create client projects and add many client items to each of your projects.

Online database software can offer templates to start with but the best tools will let you build your database applications from scratch to make sure it is specifically tailored to your exact needs. This is a great tool for businesses operating in fields that are not well deserved by the ready-made data management software.

Why would I invest time and money in online database software?

The reason to invest in online database software is very simple: it will make your life a lot easier and, as an added bonus, chances are it will make you save a lot of time and money.

Gathering all your business data under the same roof has many advantages. It will automatically clean up your desktop and your phone. There will be no more spreadsheets, notes and multiple mobile apps to manage your data in the most inefficient manner.

The fact that the software is web-based allows you and your team to collaborate in real time no matter if you are scattered in multiple locations or telecommuting.

Having customized database applications will let you log in the exact data that your business need in order to analyze your information and get the best out of it. Don’t ever forget important information anymore since your data will be safe in the cloud. This is how we think it will let you save money.

How can I get online database software for my small business?

There are many options offered on the market but obviously, I think that Kohezion is the best option out there. If you are working with a small team, 10 users or less, you can use Kohezion without having to pay for a monthly subscription.

If you can setup your account and create your applications by yourself, you will not have to spend a dollar. If you need help at first or along the way, Kohezion’s database experts will be there to offer you comprehensive and affordable consultation bundles.

Remember that you always have access to email support. We also have a great toll coming out next week to help you make the most of your FREE FOREVER account. Stay tuned!

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