New and improved toolbar



Additions to the toolbar

Our new and improved toolbar is packed with amazing features to boost your efficiency! We listened to your great ideas and went even further to


Save, save and new

The first two icons are pretty self-explanatory:

Save and new

No brainer, save your current item!

When you are creating a few new items all in the same project, hit «save and new» to save the current item and immediately create a new one in the same project.




Link an item from another project to your current item. Let’s say you just filled in some information on a new prospect and you want to link a task you did for this specific prospect. Hit the «link» button and you’re pretty much done! Linking applications together is such a great feature, I’ll come back to it specifically tomorrow.




Oh do I use these three a lot! When you have a date field selected, my «Date of Lead Purchase» up here for example, you can hit the first icon to quickly add a reminder to this specific item with the date of your choice. The second icon will automatically set the date of your reminder two days before the date in the field and the third icon will do the same but five days before. What a time saver!




Use the «notify» icon to send the information on the item you’re currently editing to another Kohezion user. It is a great tool to connect with your team and notify a specific user of the modifications you just made




When an email field is selected, click the «email» button to open a new email draft in your mail provider with the right address in the «to» field. Save time, no more cut and paste!


email draft




If I have your contact information in my Kohezion account, chances are, if I call you, it will be from the Skype icon. Again, it’s fast and easy without the copy and paste!

Skype call




This is a great feature for the guys and gals answering service calls on the road. Select the address field and hit the «map» button. A Google map from this address will open in a new window. You can then print this card or get directions. If you’re using a mobile device, use your current location to get the directions!

Google Map



Phone & SMS

Other extras for mobile devices users!


When a phone field is selected, make a call or send a SMS directly from Kohezion. Of course, you need a cellular provider to do so.


Am I the only one excited about all those new features in the toolbar? Give it a try, you won’t regret it!