What You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Kohezion


What Is Cloud Computing

Whenever you use a computer, you are creating and managing data. This data need to be stored somewhere. When we talk about cloud computing, the data is stored in the cloud (the Internet) instead of on your hardware (your computer).

For example, when you are saving a document, it can go to your document folder on your computer, using space on your hard drive, or you can use a file-hosting service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. When it comes to software, you can also choose services installed on your computer or hosted in the cloud. Finally, cloud technology can host websites and blogs or store and back up data at a higher level. A cloud can be privately owned or on a third-party server.

What most businesses use in the cloud is software as a service (SaaS). This model is the perfect way for small businesses to gain access to application software and databases. The software remains in the cloud and is accessed through the Internet.

Is Kohezion a Cloud Management Software?

Kohezion is not a cloud management software but software as a service (SaaS). It is an online database software that allows the end users, what we call citizen developers, to create their own applications to manage their data by themselves. We call our users citizen developers because they don’t need programming skills to create or manage their database. Kohezion stores your data in the cloud for you.

Cloud Technology Can Help Your Business

Cloud computing in the form of software as a service comprises many advantages. This section explains a few of them.

Maintenance and Efficiency

With SaaS, you don’t need an IT team on staff to program your applications and maintain your system. Creating the applications can be done in-house by the users without any programming skills. If the need arises, the users can always look into turnkey solutions offered by the service provider to speed up the implementation process and ensure optimal data architecture. Another added advantage of SaaS in terms of maintenance is that all upgrades are done in the back end. Therefore, this means there are no periodical upgrades to be done by the users.

Migration Flexibility

Software supported by cloud computing technology allows its users to import and export data easily from and to their account. Creating applications can be made easily by importing data. Furthermore, exporting data is possible under different formats such as CSV files.

Cost and Elasticity

SaaS allows its users to pay only for what they need. Options available answer to a wide range of needs. It goes from a free or trial account, to a comprehensive standard account to excellent sturdy enterprise solutions. Moreover, customers pay for as little or as much storage as they need. SaaS is usually pay per use solution. It can scale up or down according to the current needs.

Productivity and Performance

Software as a service enhances productivity. All and any user can use the software at the same time, in real time, from many different locations without synching issues. The data is then up-to-date and accessible at all times.

What Kohezion Can Do for Your Business

Kohezion is based on cloud technology. It is an online database software allowing its users to seamlessly manage their business data. The first step is to create customized applications. Apps can be used to manage data such as clients, tasks or anything your business is dealing with.

Once the data is safely stored in the cloud, users can collaborate and work together towards success. Much productivity-enhancing features are offered within Kohezion’s standard account. Such features include automated reports, recurring items, custom dashboards, email notification and file sharing.

If you want to learn more about Kohezion, watch a few of our instructive videos or even better, give it a try with our FREE FOREVER account. Effective business data management is crucial to your success, take control of your data today.

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