My Personal Book Library Application Showcase


To show you how versatile Kohezion is, I designed a different type of application for you this week. I love to read. I buy books all the time. I also tend to loose track of my stuff, especially books. I lend them and don’t take note to whom. I read them and I forget about it. To help me keep track my readings, I created My Personal Book Library. Here is how it is organized.


The database application design


As always, the application begins with the ID number, which is the book’s unique identifier for your library. The tittle field is a single line text. Then come another single line text to note the author’s names. I added a subject field as a multi line text box since a book can have multiple subjects. The collection and editor fields are both single line text just as it is for the ISBN and ISSN numbers. The date of publication is a date field with a calendar to click on. The language field is a dropdown menu. I chose to give the user those choices; Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Other. This field is customizable to your own preferences. Then comes the number of pages contained in the book as a single line text field. The format field is a dropdown menu with the choices audiobook, hardcover, paperback, textbook and other.  The status field is also a dropdown menu and gives you four choices: finished, in progress, lent (precise to whom and when in the comment section) and unread. Finally, the rating field is a dropdown menu giving you the choice to rate the book you just read with one to five stars. As soon as you add a new book to your library, the system will automatically add the creator’s name and the creation date. It will also note the last save date. That’s it for the first section. As usual, you can totally customize the fields to your needs in terms of content and layout.

Comment section

I added a comment section to this application. This is where you will note to whom and when you lent your book. I also thought the book club’s reader would enjoy a comment section. This is where you can jolt notes about the book you are currently reading. You can add as many notes as you want. No problem if you are sharing this application with other users. The system will automatically add a creation date and the creator’s name to each note.


As you can see, our online database application can be used for many different needs. Business, personal or somewhere in between, you will always have the tools to track and share your data.

I am sure you are a bit curious about what I am reading. Go ahead and play with the application, just click here and use the login information below:


Account: demo

Username: library_demo

Password: library_demo