Multi-projects customized calendars

custom calendar weekly



Multi-projects customized calendar

As I said earlier this week, I use at least four or five of these Kohezion’s applications and projects daily: contacts, meetings, calls, emails, tasks, accounts and passwords (I’m a bit short-term memory challenged!). For many of them, I like to see the information in a calendar since I use a lot of date/time range fields. I don’t like to have to browse from one calendar to the other for each project so I created a multi-projects customized calendar. Up here, you have the weekly view, my personal favorite. The two next images are the monthly and daily views.


Monthly view

custom calendar monthly


Daily view

custom calendar daily


Colour-based legend

To make sure we still know which project is which in the calendar, we implemented a colour-based legend showing you all the searches you added to your calendar.


custom calendar legend


Create your custom calendar

When you want to create or edit your multi-projects customized calendars, simply click the editing icon


calendar edit button


and follow the wizard through the few steps. You can add as many searches as you need.


manage calendar


Do you already have ideas about which searches you will add to your multi-projects customized calendar? Can you see how much time you will save having your information about all your projects under the same roof?