How Much Should You Be Spending on Database Application?

how much money should you spend


How much money are you willing to spend?

It may sound obvious but this should be the first question you ask yourself. Why, are you asking? Because you want to look into the right options. There are quite a few application builders in the industry and they range form free to extremely expensive. Read on to understand what you should be looking for and what you should be careful not to get into.


Do you need support for your team?

If you are a master of your trade and you understand the basis principles of data architecture, you may be just fine on your own or with a quick support email here and there. For those of you already doing data management with legacy systems or spreadsheets, your applications will be easy to build since you already know what you need. You will be amazed by the ease of use and flexibility of the new application builders on the market. Your new software should be intuitive enough for you to learn how to use it in no time.

On the other hand, if you are not sure what you need to do with your data and you need support to figure out what will be your applications, spending money on consultation will be a real investment. If you let a data specialist handle your data, your applications will be solidly build and you will start you data management venture on solid grounds. On top of this, if your team is not used to work with data and never handled database applications, investing in a few hours of training would also be very helpful to make sure the on-boarding process goes smoothly.


How fast do you need to implement the software?

Did your legacy system just crash and you need the new system to be implemented yesterday? If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, invest into consultation and let the pros take care of your data migration. Managing your data is vital to your business.

If you just realized that implementing database applications into your business is the way to go and you don’t have vital data stuck in an old system, you can take it easy (easier…). Taking the time to analyze your needs and build the best applications possible will actually be beneficial for your business. Take the time to master your new tool and save a few bucks.


What features do you need?

If you want an installed software doing accounting, billing, invoicing, reporting, integrated with all social medias, real-time alerts and reminders that is also a CRM and an ERP, that is synched with Outlook and that your sales and marketing team could use between 5:15AM and 09:45PM only Monday to Friday except for the Holidays BUT you are only willing to pay a maximum of 5$ a month per user… well good luck finding it and make sure you tell your banker you need a second mortgage on your house.

My point is that you should make sure you understand the needs of your team before starting to shop for an application builder. There is everything and anything available on the market and you can get lost in all the features good salesman will dangle in front of you. Especially if you want to stay on a tight budget, make sure you understand what you need and that you don’t get sold on features you don’t actually need and surely never will use.


A great FREE FOREVER solution

Kohezion offers all what you need in terms of database application features such as no-programming customization, searches, dashboards, reports and role-based security. If your team includes 10 persons or less, give Kohezion a try and build up to 5 applications. If you need consultation or help with your data migration, we are here to help. What are you waiting to try it?

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