No Money? No Problem! Online Database Software Without Budget

no budget online database software


If you have a small business, you probably don’t have an IT department to help you build database applications to manage your business data. Chances are that you probably don’t have much of a budget to spend on expensive tools. This is where and when Kohezion comes into the picture to offer you the best application builder on the market, for free.

A free forever account for small business

This is exactly why we decided to offer a free forever Kohezion account. We understand that you need the best tools to succeed and to grow your business but you don’t have a huge budget to spend on it. We definitely got frustrated with the fact that small businesses would tremendously benefit from our software but could not afford it.

TGMT Systems Inc., the business who founded Kohezion and other software, is a very successful company. With three COTS software on the market (Kohezion, Bug-Track and Project-Drive) and many custom development projects, its founder Thierry Tremblay feels blessed. But he never forgot where he comes from. Before becoming successful, he started small and he remembers that at the beginning, he could not afford every tool he wanted for him and his small team of developers. This is why, after more than a decade in business, TGMT Systems Inc. and Kohezion can pay it forward and give to blooming businesses a great tool to help them get to the top.

No programming needed

If you don’t have a big budget, you probably don’t have an IT guy on the payroll. This is the reason why we also made sure that Kohezion is super easy to use. Let me make a confession here: I don’t know how to code. I’m still amazed when I look at a programmer’s screen. I don’t understand a line of what is on the screen but they do read it like it’s plain English. For me, it remains a foreign language and at Kohezion, we think that you feel just the same as I do in front screen full of code.

When you design and create your applications with Kohezion, you don’t ever have to code. You simply click, type and choose values in grids and drop down menus. The process is very intuitive once you understand the basic data architecture structure. Being able to create and edit your applications by yourself also has the advantage of adjusting your applications to your needs along the road. If you realize that you don’t need a field, you can simply delete or hide it with a few clicks of your mouse. It is just the same if you need to add a field or a section. It is literally a matter of minutes if not seconds to edit your application, projects, searches, reports or dashboard.

Give Kohezion a try today

You don’t have anything to loose, it costs nothing more then a few minutes of your time! Free yourself from your old system, your spreadsheets and your paper organizer. Treat yourself with a huge productivity boost and great efficiency. Create your account today and start managing your business data with the best (and free!) tool offered on the market. You don’t believe us? Do a quick search on Google with the key phrase “online database software” and see how much our competitors charge for their products!

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