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As I told you yesterday, meetings can cost you a lot more time and money you could ever imagine. Even if we’re trying to keep the meetings scarce and short, we still have to meet once in a while. One of the guidelines I gave you yesterday is to be prepared before meeting time. I developed an application that will help you do just that.


First section: basic meeting information

The first section contains basic information about the meeting. As usual, you automatically get a unique ID number as soon as you create a new project entry. You then have the title field.  It is a single line text so you can name your meeting any way you want.

To make it clear for all attendees where they are expected to show up, you have two venue dropdown menus. You get to choose from on or off site and the specific conference room or building the meeting will be held at. Of course, these menus are customizable to your office needs.

To prepare the logistic for the meeting, there is a media dropdown field where you can choose from in person, conference call and videoconference.

The date and time fields clarify when the meeting will take place, at what time and for how long. The date menu is the usual calendar where you can click on to select a specific date. The time field is a dropdown where you select starting (from) and ending (to) time.

In order to inform the users about what will be discussed at the meeting, I created a multi-select purpose field. You get to choose from brainstorming, consultation, crisis management, information, problem solving, team building, training and workshop. Once again, this field is customizable to your team’s specific needs.

The attendees’ field let you select users authorized on this specific project.

The status field is a dropdown where you will select accepted, finished or in progress. In order to keep track of what is going on, I created a default search from the status field.

For administrative purposes, the system automatically adds the name of the user who created the meeting, the creation date and the last save date.


Second section: Comments

The second section of the application lets you add comments and gives you the opportunity to send these comments to specific authorized users in the list just right to the comment field.


Third section: Agenda file

The third section is a file field where you upload the meeting’s agenda file.


Fourth section: Minutes file

The last section is also a file field but for the last meeting’s minutes.


Different meeting projects

You can use the meeting application as the blueprint to create and customize different projects. Create an accounting meetings project, one for HR or any other specific interest group in your business. This allows you to share the information only with the concerned users.

Last but not least, when you look at your meetings projects on your workspace, you get the opportunity to see them in a calendar so you can see what’s coming and plan ahead.

Do you feel better prepared for your next meeting now? Go ahead and play with the application, just click here and use the login information below:

Account: demo

Username: meeting_demo

Password: meeting_demo