How to Master Business Productivity in 6 Simple Steps

mastering business productivity


Here is my easy to follow, no-nonsense approach to becoming the most productive person that you can. Follow these six steps to make the most out of your workdays.


Step 1: Know what is your prime time

It may sound obvious but it is extremely important for your productivity for you to know that is your prime time. It is not hard to find out, this is the time throughout the day when you are feeling at your best. Are you a morning person? A night howl perhaps? There is no good answer.

In our society, we tend to valorise the morning persons but I’m not sure to understand why. As long as you know what is best for you and when you can achieve your best work, the time doesn’t matter. Of course, keep the most difficult tasks for your prime time and the boring repetitive ones for your least productive moments.

Step 2: Get some great tools

Of course, great tools matter. To find out the areas where you need the most help, think about what tasks are taking the most time during your days and find tools to help you with these areas. For me, posting this blog on different social medias would take forever if I was to do it one by one. This is why I trust CoSchedule to post my messages for me. I rest assured that it will be done and I can give my attention to other pressing tasks.

You probably saw me coming, I also use my own online database software to improve my productivity. At first, I thought I could only create applications to manage my tasks and clients. Oh, was I wrong! I now have innumerable applications to track pretty much everything in my work and personal life. From calls to contracts, expenses to meditations, I have an app for everything. And if you ask me if I would go back to my spreadsheets and paper organizer, my answer is right here… I’m great at #11, The Mary.

Step 3: Learn to say no

In any circumstances, no means no. Can you say it? N-O. There you go. No kidding, learning to stop to say yes to everything and anything anybody at the office asks you to do will same you a tremendous amount of time.

You sure want to be a team player but you also want to have you to-do list down to zero items by the end of the day. Learn where is your sweet spot balance between assistance to others and self-preservation.

Step 4: Focus on the task at hand

How many tabs are open on your desktop right this moment? I can personally count 34 of them, open in 3 different windows. You may want to listen to what I say, not what I do. Close all these unnecessary tabs and windows, especially the social media ones and focus on what you are doing.

Once you stop fluttering from one task to the other and actually work on a unique task for more than five minutes in a row, you will realize that you can achieve a great amount of work once you stop the multitasking. Multitasking is a lie. Do one thing at a time.

Step 5: Set some goals

Every morning, I like to set goals for my day. Some will suggest to set a specific amount of goals, I will leave it to you to know what is good for you. No matter the amount, if you set goals in the morning and actually write them down, it will push you to achieve more than if you didn’t set any goals.

You can even have a little competition within your team. A little friendly competitiveness never hurt anybody, right?

Step 6: Nurture your creativity

Yes, to me, creative equals productive. Watch TED talks, attend conferences within or outside your realm of competences, read books, watch movies or meet with inspiring individuals or groups. Pick up a musical instrument, join a choir or start painting. Pick your poison, whatever it is.

The key is to get outside your comfort zone to stimulate your senses and make you feel alive. A bored and depressed individual is never as productive as an enlighten and creative one.


What would you add to this list? Do you have any productivity tips to share?

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