Why We Love Business Solution (And You Should, Too!)

Love Business Solution


A business solution is just like an all-inclusive vacation on a freezing February week: you are offered all you need to be happy in an accessible one-stop shop. The problem with an all-inclusive vacation is that it usually only lasts a week or two if you are lucky. On the other hand, your business solution is there to stay for as long as you need it. Here are four more reasons why we love business solutions.


Get what you pay for

When it comes to business solutions, you get what you pay for. Whether it is for amazing features or for occasional support, just as your all-inclusive vacation, there is the two stars option but there is also the five stars one. Sure, you will pay a bit more for the upper scale option, but it will deliver. Of course, I think a web-based commercial off-the-shelf business solution is the five stars option. Don’t you?


Access your data anytime, anywhere

An all-in-one business solution gives you the latitude to stock all your data in one place. Even better, if you choose a cloud-based solution, you get even more freedom since you are no longer attached to your desktop to edit and create new entries. If you are working from home or on the road, this is a great feature for you.


Take matters into your own hands

If you settle for a commercial off-the-shelf business solution, chances are you will have the opportunity to customize your database applications and preferences by yourself, without calling the IT department. This is especially good news if you don’t have an IT department! Nowadays, not all businesses can afford to have a seasoned team of IT guys on the payroll. And if you do have the chance to have them in your team, you want to let them concentrate on the big stuff, not on your daily apps, searches and dashboard customization. Stop waiting for them to have time for you and do it yourself, no programming skills needed.


You can share it (or not!)

With the security features of a business solution, share all or just a bit of your data with your team, your customers or the entire world. Having all your data under the same roof doesn’t mean you have to share it with all the users accessing your account. If you want to, great! But if you want to limit the accesses of some users or user groups, your business solution should give you the ability to do so.


The human touch

A good business solution comes with support from real human beings. There may not be a need for extensive training to use it but when you have a question, you want to send a quick email or pick up the phone and have an answer within a short time, from a real expert. It’s the same situation for new development in your account. Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to create new database applications, searches and reports yourself. You want someone to do it for you. Again, pick up the phone and get in touch with a knowledgeable professional to get things done just the way you want them. Even if we are using all sorts of devices and machines all the time, don’t we all still love the human connection?


Do you have anything to add to the list? Why do you love your business solution?



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