Legacy System Poll of the Day

legacy system poll


We already know that your legacy system could very soon become a big problem and that simply waiting without doing anything is not a viable option. So let’s dream a bit.

In a perfect world, what would you do if you had no budget restriction, no time limit and all the resources in the world to solve your legacy system problem?

I’m suggesting four options to choose from.


I would keep things in their current state

You either really passionately hate change or your system is so sensitive that it is virtually impossible to upgrade or migrate it. You just don’t care or you may not understand the issues at hand. One way or the other, you will spend incredible amounts of resources, both human and monetary, to keep that system running until it let you down for goods.

When that dreaded day finally comes, skip to options three and four for more options. I hope the expiration of your system will not take your business down with it. Not to be alarmist, but you understand that this is a possibility, right?


I would upgrade my current system

You don’t like or want change but you understand that you are sitting on a time bomb. You may not be ready just yet to take the leap and change the whole system, but you are willing to push the limits of technology for a while longer. Your team will add patches and layers of code to make sure your system is secure and stable enough to take the heat of your day-to-day business operations.

I hope your team is constituted of seasoned programmers who are willing to push away retirement until you finally make your decision to migrate toward a more sustainable technology. The young programmers freshly out of school may not understand the languages and architecture used to build and fix your current system.


I would have a new system designed from scratch

You are a perfectionist and you won’t settle for less than a perfect replacement system. You are ready to wait it out for quite a while to make sure you have the ultimate custom solution for your business.

You understand that designing a brand new system from scratch will take months but you are thrilled to collaborate with the team of programmers you hired to design, program and test your dream software. You understand that you will forever have to pay a yearly prime for support and hosting of your new personalized system.


I would migrate my data into a web-based customizable commercial off-the-shelf software

You are practical and your time is worth money. Even if you have all the resources in the world, you choose the most sensible solution. You understand the problem your legacy system poses and you are not willing to take the risk to wait things out. You value your business too much to risk it for outdated technology.

You sure would love a shiny new custom made solution, but the cost, the maintenance, the needed time to develop and test the new system and the dependence on the software designer are turning you off.

So you choose an already well-tested solution that will offer you amazing features, stability and sustainability. Good choice! Your team will thank you.


Play along! Leave a comment to share your perfect solution to your legacy system conundrum.

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