Kohezion Recognized as the Best Online Database Service Provider in 2019!

Kohezion has been recently awarded the best online database provider by Corporate Vision. And we’re not surprised

As the top-rated NoSQL platform on Capterra, we have been able to serve our customers with unparalleled, customized, and affordable solutions to all of their database needs.

Kohezion is a powerful online database software specially designed for SMBs, and more recently, clinical researchers. It allows end-users to create their customized applications: client tracker, task tracker, patient data, meetings, or any data you need to manage. Here are some of the top reasons to select Kohezion as your premier database server:

Create business applications without programming

The number one reason our clients love our product is their ability to create custom and robust processes and applications; without having to code.

With Kohezion, you can create a robust database with the simplicity of a spreadsheet and design custom web-based applications to track clients, tasks, calls, or any other data essential to business operations.

It’s user-friendly

We believe in simplicity and efficiency. That is why we wanted to make sure that our platform is the easiest to use and understand.

Our drag-and-drop app builder enables users to create an online application that addresses their specific business needs. Team members can easily collaborate and access their custom applications with a straightforward interface.

The platform comes with built-in collaboration and automation tools that allow users to create a web-based solution. This enables them to manage their workflows and processes to build and grow their business.

Completely customizable

We can’t say this enough, but our platform is number # 1 because it allows users to customize our software based on their data needs entirely.

Whether you’re a clinical researcher or a manufacturer, you can create custom sheets to manage entire data sets for a particular objective or goal. Also, you can create custom applications such as client tracker, inventory, calendars, and more!

It’s affordable!

We believe in offering the best product at the lowest price possible. Our plans start from as little as $5 per user per month and include full access to tools, custom applications, and priority support.

We also offer turnkey solutions for clients with more complex needs, or those looking for rapid deployment.

Not sure if Kohezion is the best online database platform for you? Try us out for a free 14-day trial period!

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