Kohezion Officially Launched in the Greater Montreal Area

Kohezion presentation October 2014

On October 21, 2014 at the Beloeil cultural center, Kohezion made a big splash with its official launch for the Greater Montreal area in Quebec, Canada. Our new Vice-President of Business Development, Mr. Michel Levesque and our CEO, Mr. Thierry Tremblay joined on stage to expose to businesses of all sizes what Kohezion could do for them.

Kohezion is now very well-known in many English-speaking areas of the world but both Mr. Levesque and Mr. Tremblay wanted to explain to francophone Quebec business owners how Kohezion is a wonderful tool to manage business data of all types. Since each user can create its own applications, it is up to each of them to use the language of their choice to design those applications.

During this interactive presentation, the audience learned about what is Kohezion, why and how to use it. Our enticing enterprise solution accounts were explained in details. Let’s remember that Kohezion is an online database software that allows its users to create their own database applications and data management projects easily and without programming. It is an amazing tool to boost a business productivity and efficiency.


Kohezion TGMT-Systems CEO Thierry Tremblay


At the launching, the audience had the chance to hear straight from Mr. Thierry Tremblay, CEO of TGMT Systems Inc. and creator of our online database software Kohezion. Mr. Tremblay launched his own software development business in 1998. Kohezion it is not his first creation. He also invented Bug-Track.com, a bug tracker software and Project-Drive, a project management software.

The vision guiding Mr. Tremblay’s business is clear and inspiring for any new business owner. Mr. Tremblay listens to the needs of his customers. He want to create database software that are easily customizable without programming and simple to manage by the end-users.


Michel Levesque Vice-President Business Development Kohezion


The audience members also had the chance to meet Mr. Michel Levesque, the newest member to embark in the Kohezion project. Mr. Levesque joined Kohezion at the end of August 2014 as our new Vice-President of Business Development. Mr. Levesque is responsible for opening new market segments and for managing a blooming team of Kohezion sales representatives. With is impressive sales experience, Mr. Levesque is a valuable asset we are proud to officially welcome in the team.


Mr. Levesque and Tremblay Kohezion


During this presentation, many examples of how to use Kohezion were given. Kohezion can be used to manage data such as clients, calendars, properties and tenants, tasks, inventory or any other type of data your business is collecting and managing. There is no need to fit your need into a pre-made template. Kohezion gives you the possibility to create the exact applications to fit you need. You don’t need to be or to a hire a geek to design your applications. Kohezion is easy to use without any programming skills.


Kohezion multi-project calendar


Kohezion’s many features were also explained to the audience. To name just a few, Kohezion gives the opportunity to its users to create custom dashboards, use interactive geolocation maps, link items, create multi-projects calendars, design private or public reports and manage its users with role-based security. Browse the Features and Support sections on Kohezion’s website to learn more about the many features Kohezion has to offer.


To learn more about Kohezion and how it could help your business grow, visit our website or contact one of our sales representatives. You are one step away from revolutionizing the way you manage your business data. Give it a try today and create your FREE FOREVER account.


To view more pictures taken during this presentation, visit the photo gallery following this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cyla9g40vtsp3my/AABjkkW3zogLQvCJFDf3OP7Na?dl=0#/

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