Kohezion Is Now FREE FOREVER: The Best Application Builder

Kohezion FREE FOREVER account


The big countdown started a week ago. We have been working extra hard to make sure everything is ready for the big launch. Today is the big day.


As Kohezion’s Sales Director, I’m proud to announce that Kohezion is now FREE FOREVER.

Create your own web-based applications

Launched is 2012, Kohezion is a the best web-based application builder in the industry. Our online database software is accessible to all since the applications, searches, reports dans dashboards are all created without programming. There is no need to learn to code or to hire expensive developers. We are now all citizen developers. You can create your own customized database applications, from scratch or from preexisting data. You don’t need spreadsheets anymore. Put all your data in a simple, secure and reliable cloud-based solution.

Kohezion is the perfect solution for small businesses

You may have browsed around to find the perfect software to manage your business data. You probably didn’t find exactly what you were looking for within the specialized software market. These software didn’t answer your needs in terms of potential customization or what you found was way too expensive for your small business budget.

There is no need to compromise anymore. Kohezion is the perfect solution for your small business. You create the perfect applications for your needs, quickly and easily. On top of all this, you don’t receive a huge bill at the end of the year. Kohezion is FREE FOREVER.

Learn more about the FREE FOREVER account

The FREE FOREVER account offers up to 10 users, 5 applications and 30 projects. Your database is limited to 500MB but you will work for a long time before you grow out of this space. If you ever did, give us a call and we’ll make sure you get what you need. You don’t need a credit card to create your account and you can do it within minutes.

There is no compromise to be made. All our features are included in the FREE FOREVER account. You get it all: email notifications, reminders, calendar with daily, weekly and monthly views that can include multiple projects, data import from spreadsheets, role-based security, custom and automated reporting, recurring items, custom dashboard, file upload and sharing integrated with Dropbox™ and so much more.

To help you navigate your account, we created a great knowledge base packed with informative how-to’s in the form of short and to the point articles and videos. If you ever need a bit more help, you can always email us and we’ll answer quickly.

How can it be FREE FOREVER?

In our mission, we stated that our values are innovation, excellence, dependability, flexibility, accountability and adaptability. From now on, we can add accessibility. We want all businesses and citizen developers to have access to Kohezion for free. From now on, we offer the best tool available to create web-based applications for free and we want it to become the number one option on the market.

Since 1998, TGMT Systems Inc. already achieved great success with Kohezion and its two other software; Bug-Track.com, a bug tracking software and Project-Drive, a project management software. Those three software have numerous corporate accounts and have a proven track record. Now, it’s time to make sure all businesses and citizen developers have access to a FREE FOREVER Kohezion account, the best web-based application builder in the industry.


Click here to create your FREE FOREVER account today.

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