Kohezion Just Got a Complete Makeover!

New Kohezion Home Page


Kohezion’s team have been working on this for a few weeks now and we are excited to finally launch Kohezion’s new website look and content. After about two years of existence, we thought Kohezion needed a bit of a makeover. Not only did we change the website’s look and feel but we also updated your account’s login page and added a knowledge base and FAQ’s sections.

In terms of look, we focused our design efforts on a concept that will help future customers better understand what Kohezion is and especially, what it can do for your business. We also wanted our website’s look to better represent the members of Kohezion’s team. All the images you will find on the website were actually taken during trips we made and are all related to the ocean. All of Kohezion’s team members are true waterman and waterwoman.

Can you tell where the picture on top of the “About Us” section was taken? The first person who will answer this question correctly gets a free 3 hours training bundle. Here is a clue: look in the Pacific Ocean!


New Kohezion Signup Page

Don’t worry, only the look changed. Your account still offers the same amazing features no matter if you signed up for a FREE FOREVER account or if you decided to go with one of our comprehensive enterprise solutions.

Your Kohezion account is packed with features such as:

  • Application creation without programming,
  • Calendar with daily, weekly and monthly views that can include multiple projects,
  • Role-based security,
  • Custom dashboard,
  • Email notifications,
  • Reminders,
  • Data import from spreadsheets,
  • Custom and automated reporting,
  • Recurring items,
  • File upload and sharing integrated with Dropbox™
  • And so much more!

Adopting Kohezion as your business solution will make you save time and money while boosting your productivity and efficiency.

New Kohezion Knowledge Base

We also thought Kohezion’s users would love to have a knowledge base to help them along the way while using their online database software. All users now have access to the knowledge base. Kohezion’s support team is working hard everyday to add new articles to the knowledge base and to answer your frequently asked questions on the FAQs section.

There is also a “how-to” video section for you. Get started today and learn how to create your own custom application without programming. Spend the next 3 minutes watching this video to learn how to do it.

Kohezion’s support team will be working hard to add articles to the knowledge base on a regular basis. If you think anything is missing in the support section, please email us to let us know about the topics you would like to see covered in the knowledge base. We’ll be glad to follow your lead.

New Kohezion Login Page

Did you create your account yet? Your FREE FOREVER account is waiting for you. Join the citizen developer’s movement and get access to up to 10 users, 5 applications and 30 projects. It is time to start managing your data like a pro. It is a lot easier than you think. Kohezion is empowering the end-users. The best application builder on the market is there to help you create your own web-based applications without programming.

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