Kohezion for professionals doing service calls



Field services professionals

If you are selling, servicing or managing products in the property of your customer, this is for you.

–  pool maintenance

–  exterminators

–  cleaning services

– renovation services

–  locksmiths

–  electricians

–  properties manager

–  etc.

As an example, I created a Kohezion account for a properties manager.


Tenant application

We have the tenant application with the basic information.


service tenants

Properties application

The properties application has the information on the property itself but also information about the lease, date of renewal, date of inspection and a link to the tenant’s information.

service properties

Maintenance requests application

The maintenance requests application is what you open when you have your client on the line making a request. You want to list what is the problem, for which property it is, what is the due date, what is the priority, when it was finally solved and how much it costed.

service maintenance

Linked items

Since you can have more than one maintenance request, the maintenance requests are linked to the appropriate property. In just one look, you can see what have been done for each of your properties.

service requests linked to property

And since a property could change tenant lease after lease, the properties are linked the appropriate tenant.

service properties linked to tenant

It would be pretty much the same structure for any type of professional answering service calls: you link your requests to the appropriate client. Afterwords, for administrative purpose, you can create reports on how many requests a specific client made and how much it costed. When you have contract or lease renewal or even set inspection dates, you can use the reminders to help you remember those important dates. How convenient?

So who are you clients and what are you doing for them? Don’t you think keeping track of it all would save you time and money?