Kohezion for marketing professionals



An inbound marketing client

I have a client who works in inbound marketing. In short, he is optimizing blogs for his clients in order for them to attract, engage and convert more leads into clients. Sounds good, right? I can tell you, it’s a lot of work! Before Kohezion, they were using pen and paper and mostly the evil spreadsheets shared on Dropbox. The information didn’t flow as well as it should and it was difficult for managers to keep track of what their teams were doing. Then came Kohezion…


Starting with a client application

We started them with again, you can guess, a client application. They needed the basics but on top of it, they wanted to log more information about the client’s needs, his blog information, favorite writers, type of payment and more. We designed this application together and they now have a basis to start with when they inboard a new client.


Recurring tasks

Then came the fun part with the blogging recurring tasks. At first, for each of their client, the team had to go through an extensive series of 67 items every month. We created a monthly recurring task for each of those items for each of their clients. It was a lot of work for their team to go through it every month, having to click on each item. We realized our mistake and we did it all over again. They redesigned the whole recurring tasks list and when down to a list of 11 monthly tasks. Then we realized that it was in fact a checklist so we should treat it likewise! Here is what we came up with looks like (no it’s not the real thing, I don’t want to spill the beans on their amazing marketing tools!!):


marketing checklist


Each monthly checklist is linked to the right client.


Blog tracking application

Finally, we designed a blog tracking application. Again, they need to track each blog they are optimizing and they need to link it to the right client. The application is very simple: they have the tittle of the blog, the URL to access it quickly, who is the optimizer, when it was published, what was the rate and who is the client.


marketing blog tracking


Their team have been real good sport during the implementation process. It was a whole new data architecture for me and a whole new work flow for them. We worked hard together and we achieved a system that is simplifying their everyday work tremendously. I’m very proud of what we achieved for them.


What is it that we can do for your team?