Kohezion for CPAs



CPAs are very busy professionals who often have many people working on their team. It can become a big puzzle to know who is working on what if you don’t have a good information management system. This is why, for a CPA Kohezion account, I created five simple applications:


Client application: the foundation

CPA client


A very simple application with all the basics: company and client name, address, phone number, etc.


Event application: meetings, lunches and other gatherings

CPA events


Events can be meetings with all or some members of your team, lunches, or any other type of event. A great feature with this is that you can notify the users you’re including in your event automatically when you create it. Use the different calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly) to have a quick overview of what is coming. Create searches for each employee and generate a custom calendar if you want to see each employee’s task in a different colour on your calendar.


Return application: you gotta pay what you gotta pay

CPA returns


Name, type, form, etc. Returns are usually recurring items so use the recurring feature! You create the return once, selecting the period and schedule you want it to be created on and voilà! You can also link the return to the appropriate client.


Task application: who’s doing what and when

CPA tasks


Again, very simple: your task must have a name, you can link it to the appropriate client, you want to know who is responsible for completing the task, when it was done, how much time it took and you can add a description for it. Just as for your returns, you can create recurring tasks if it applies to your situation.


Time application: when it’s time (!) to bill the client

CPA time


With the time application, you want to gather the information about who did what for whom and for which task. This is a great application if you want to create reports for the time spent for each task and for each client since those two applications are linked to the client.


Linking is the key!

CPA links


Linking items together  is the key to knowing what is going on for each of your client. In one look, you can see all the tasks, returns and time for a specific client.


Don’t you think your team would benefit from those applications?


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