Kohezion for allied health professionals

health professional


Allied health professionals

This week’s last showcase is for you if you are:

–  Chiropractor,

–  Massage therapist,

–  Home care aid,

–  Physiotherapist,

–  Nutritionist,

–  Social worker,

–  Psychologist,

–  Other allied health professionals,

–  and even Veterinarians!

You want to keep up to date the health information about clients, you want to schedule and keep track of appointments and maybe you have a few questionnaires you would like to transform from paper to application. Here is what it could look like.


Client application

Your client application: basic information such as name, phone number and address plus some health information such as weight, height, allergies and physical and mental health status. Once again, add as many fields as your practice needs.


Health Client

Questionnaire application

Your questionnaire application: you can add as many questions as you want in your questionnaire, whatever is relevant to the health care of your clients. Questionnaires can be linked to clients.

Health Questionnaire

Appointment application

Your appointments application serves as a scheduler and as a progression note all in one. You can keep track of the evolution of your clients. Appointments are linked to the right client.

Health Appointment

Linked applications

Finally, since the questionnaires and appointments are linked to the right client, you can have an overview of your client’s progression in one look under the clients links tab.

Don’t you think your practice and your clients’ care would benefit from such a management tool? You even get bonus points for using dramatically less paper and becoming a green business! What are you waiting for?