Kohezion Community

As we told you before, Kohezion is the fourth product designed by TGMT-Systems. After more than a decade in the software development industry, we choose to be a small business. We love it that way. Small means quick decisions. Small means very low infrastructure costs. Small means I can work from wherever I want in the world. But small means tiny budget. Small means putting everything you have in the bucket and working hard, very hard because you believe in what you are selling. Do you recognize yourself in our portrait?

It was very important for us when we created Kohezion to offer a free account. It may sound counterproductive from a new small business point of view to give our product for free, I agree. But let’s go back to basics. The foundations of Kohezion are:

Empowering the disempowered;

Organizing the disorganized;

Connecting the disconnected.

We know resources are scarce and finding the right tools meeting the right need is essential for the business to thrive. We think letting you try Kohezion for free will give you the opportunity to see if it fits your needs. If it doesn’t, we’ll be sad! If it does and you don’t need more than one application, you can keep using Kohezion for free as long as you want. If you fall head over heels in love with Kohezion and you want to create as many applications as you need, we’ll be thrilled to offer you the right package to help your business grow. And whatever the size of your account, we’ll be there for you as often as you need our support.

We care about our customers. We believe in sharing each other’s interests, contacts and skills. We want to exchange and communicate with you. We want to build business and personal relations along the way. We support creativity and innovation. We think using Kohezion is a valuable asset for your business. We believe you will thrive using Kohezion. We do business with a meaning. Do you? 

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