Kohezion Challenge


Are you up for the Kohezion challenge? Are you ready to let go of the spreadsheet and embrace the new online data application? I’m sure you have some valuable data stored in an obsolete spreadsheet. Clients contact info? Inventory? Tasks tracking? It’s probable not as up to date as it should be.

I have a solution for you:

1.  Get on the website,

2.  Put in your information,

3.  Upload your file,

4.  Receive your brand new application within a day or so,

5.  Start working!

If you don’t already have some data in a spreadsheet but you do have an idea for a custom application, click here.

It’s absolutely free! No credit card needed and you get a free community account.

We’re even adding a personal touch. A member of our team will take time to look at your sample data and he will create a web application tailored to your needs. Don’t be shy, leave us some information about what you really need so we can make it happen.

No need to wait for days, it’s a quick turnaround. Your custom web application will be ready within one business day. The transition from spreadsheet to online application will be seamless.

Send us your sample data and get your own web-based custom application.

What are you waiting for?

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Marie-Josee Porlier

Sales Director at Kohezion
Marie-Josée Porlier is the Sales Director and main blogger @ Kohezion. Ask her your questions about the cloud computing industry, online database software, database applications, legacy systems, business solutions and business productivity. She can be reached at mjporlier(at)kohezion(dot)com.