Knowing These 3 Secrets Will Make Your Database Application Look Amazing

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Today, I’m spilling the beans! Here are three of my most effective secrets to help you create amazing database applications.


1. Knowing your needs will help you create amazing database applications

This may sound overly simple, but if you really understand your needs, you will be able to create really nice applications. Think about it the other way around, if you don’t know what you want to track, it is almost impossible to create applications.

To help you understand your data management needs, think about what you do every day you are at work. Are you meeting clients? This could mean you need a client and a meeting application, good start! Then, what do you need to know about your clients? Are you meeting them at home? If so, you need an address field. Continue to dissect your workdays like this and map the information you find on a piece of paper. This will be the draft to follow for creating your applications.

Doing this first step on paper is important. If you do many trials and errors while using your applications, you may end up loosing data when you erase fields or to have to copy and paste your information from one field to another since you changed your mind. While creating applications, taking your time will save you some in the end.

2. Less is more: too many fields will kill your flow

Minimalism is a trend you should follow when you are designing your database applications. Why is that are you asking?

Stop and think for a second. Do you really need to know the middle name of each of your clients? Are you really using these second and third email address fields? Do you need four comment sections or could you do just one and add a category dropdown field to categorize each of them?

Too many fields in a single application will make you loose some time while you are creating new items. You will have to scan through all these fields and only enter information in the important ones. Don’t forget that a comment section goes a long way to deal with the exceptions.

3. Linking your applications is an art you should master

Learning to link your applications is the final step to making your online database software account really well organized and productive.

If you have a FREE FOREVER account, you have access to up to five database applications. Let’s say you have a clients app, a task tracker, a meeting planner, a contract application and a calendar management application. For sure your tasks must be linked to your clients. That way, when you check a client’s links, you get a nice grid of all the tasks you ever did for that specific client.

This is especially nice to have when you are meeting a lot of prospects and you want to take notes about each of your encounter. Next time you get that prospect you didn’t talk to in months on the phone, log into your account, find this person using the search bar and access your prospect’s linked tasks to get you up to speed with your last conversation or meeting. Seamless!


Ready to get to work? Take these three secrets into account to create amazing applications!

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