What Kitesurfing Can Teach Us About Database Application


Kitesurfing and Database Applicatoins


Kohezion has a few kitesurfers in its team. We (yes, me too!) share a passion for the exhilarating combination of wind, ocean and overall connection with the elements. If you are not sure what kitesurfing is, read this first. You probably think that I’m stretching things a bit to be comparing kitesurfing and database applications. Bear with me; you could be surprised.



It takes commitment, focus and dedication to learn how to kitesurf. From day one learning to fly a trainer kite to the day you actually ride your first wave, you are in for a few bruises and gulps of salt water. It is mostly trials and errors, learning from your mistakes and cherishing every new milestone your reach.

There is not all that much action going on when you learn to design database applications, but you sure will have a few suboptimal experiments before you are able to create prime database applications with all the bells and whistles you need. Just as you may end up crashing your kite in the waves a few times before you learn the subtleties of kite handling, you will probably have a few date entries in single line text fields and too many mandatory fields before you create your best database applications.

But with just a touch of commitment, you will learn from your mistakes and in no time, you will build amazing applications.



Don’t get me wrong, kitesurfing is amazingly fun, but a kitesurfer should never forget that she is practicing an extreme sport. Wind gusts, rogue waves, uncaring fellow kiterboarders and equipment malfunctions are just a few examples of what a kitesurfer should be aware of.

It is just the same with database applications. Security issues can become a threat to your business if you don’t manage the security features properly. Should all the users in your account have permission on every single application and project? The answer is: probably not. Keep in mind that you may be dealing with sensitive information. Your personal assistant probably doesn’t need to know the details about the contracts pricing but she will manage your appointments. Even health information can be quite sensitive if you are using your database applications for your patients as a health care professional. Same thing for the CPA’s using database applications to manage their tasks related to their client’s financial data.

At the end of the day, you should keep in mind that not all data should be shared if you don’t want to end up with big problems.



I’m mainly talking about kitesurfing (riding waves with a surfboard) but there are many other options when it comes to kiteboarding. There are different types of boards, kites and styles such as freestyle, speed racing, wave riding and free ride just to name a few.

It is just the same with database applications. There are many tools, features, widgets and application creation possibilities to answer all your potential business needs. The customization opportunities are simply endless. Just as some might prefer speed to waves, you may just want super simple applications instead of complicated ones.

The good news is that you have all the rights to decide exactly what you want and create it yourself.



In the 1990’s, the first kitesurfers were literally crazy guinea pigs. It is an understatement to say that the equipment was less than optimal and definitely not as secure as what we are using today. No matter what happened, they couldn’t disengage from the kite and the handling of the kite was quite difficult. Nowadays, a lot of R&D later, you always have an exit strategy if your kite is not behaving as it should and the sport is generally a lot safer and easier to practice.

The parallel is quite the same with database applications. With the first database software, you definitely had to master different programming languages and data architecture knowledge. Everything was installed, bulky and slow. The arrival of the Internet changed everything. Most database software are now online which is giving you latitude to work from anywhere, on any device you want. The need for programming skills is gone, the end-user is now able to design and create his own databases quickly and easily.

Finally, kitesurfing or managing data, security should always be on your mind but the evolution of the tools at use improved in a way it is no longer a constant concern for your life or your business. In sports or in IT, maturity is good to have on your side.



So what do you think? Was it such a stretch to compare kitesurfing to database applications? What else can we learn from sports?



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