Intelligent clients rule!

 intelligent sheep


Let me get a chip off my shoulder this morning: we don’t think our clients and potential customers are dumb sheep. Not by a long shot.


Exit the small closed boxes

The current trend with software is to offer very specialized and polished applications. Drag and drop, bright colours and templates all included. I agree it may sound great to start with, it sure looks good! I call those the small closed boxes you can’t open. If your needs fit exactly what’s offered, great! But what if your needs don’t fit in the small closed box? What if you are special? What if you are weird? What if you need a CRM and an inventory linked together? Will you use two software? How will you integrate? Caution! Trouble ahead with the small closed box! The polish is fading fast…


You are special

At Kohezion we think that it is more than OK for you to be special. We love special people and businesses! We designed our software with you in mind. The customization possibilities are endless. You are the master designer of your own applications. You need to track the weight and eating habits of your patients? Done! Linking tenants and properties? Done! We don’t sell a box. We offer you the tools for you to build you own art.

We want to understand your exact needs and work with you to make it happen. We think you are intelligent. We think you are articulated. We think you know what you want. We understand that you have a vision, that know what you want to achieve. So forget about the masses, take the lead and tell me exactly what you want. I’ll make it happen.