I promise not to make your life miserable

When we think about collaboration, we see it as a fruitful exchange between two persons in a work setting. What about the collaboration between a customer and the service provider? Service providers have a great deal of power over you whether you want it or not. I learned it the hard way lately. Let me tell you about my day.

We’re away from home for a few months so, as the good citizens we are, we bought travel health insurances. I had a minor health issue so I went to see a doctor. Consult the doctor, get the prescription, pay the doctor, go home, and be happy. I am a bit of a procrastinator sometimes so I waited about 10 days to call my insurer for my claim. This is where the fun started. Long story short, I learned that:

1. You have to call your insurance provider prior to showing up at the doctor’s office. If not, you’ll end up with a 20% penalty. I’m not kidding.

2. You can’t choose the clinic you want. You need a preapproved one of their choice. The good old doctor on the corner of your street will do, so they say.

3. On the third occurrence of the same condition, to decide if they will pay or not for the consultation, they need to submit your case to one of their specialist who will decide if you are faking or not. All of that within 2 business days. In the meanwhile, you wait.

Apart from not getting sick away from home, what is the most important thing I learned from this journey? The insurance company I chose for my trip doesn’t want to collaborate with me. They want to give me a hard time to get the service I paid for. They want to punish me with penalties. They want me to follow the «normal» course of an illness and if not, they will get suspicious. They made me loose precious time and they made me feel miserable. You can guess that I will never buy insurance from that company again and never will recommend it. Too bad for them, I travel a lot.

From a service provider’s point of view, what is collaboration with your customers? I think collaborating with your customer starts with valuing them whoever they are, offering them an easy way to reach you, customizing your services to their needs and delivering what you promised. Be trustworthy, show you are passionate about what you have to offer and be creative so you can give your customers the best experience possible while they are using your products. They won’t be miserable and turn their back on you. I promise they will be smiling and asking for more.

Spending your afternoon filling cryptic insurance claims instead of writing tomorrow’s blog post is a waste of time. Spending the afternoon (fill in the blank with any valuable activity of yours) is a great use of your time. At the end, a great relationship between a service provider and his customer is all about offering the right tool for the right use. This is why we designed a great tool for you. It will be my pleasure to collaborate with you as often as you want. I promise I will never make you miserable.

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