How to introduce change in a reluctant team

Change ahead

Congratulations, you just decided to implement Kohezion into your team. You worked hard on designing your applications, created the projects, assigned the permissions and you even customized each of your coworkers’ dashboard. You’re ready to roll and super excited. News flash! Change is hard on people, there will be resistance.


Resistance to change

Even if you consulted your team in the process, even if you’re trying your best to make the life of your coworkers easier, there will always be some form of opposition in the implementation process. The keyword here is «process». They’ll get used to it and will find their own ways to work with the new ways you’re so excited about. Don’t doubt, you made the right decision to implement a tool to make sure your team is efficient and productive.

Tips for a successful transition period

Recognize that changing is hard

Offer periods of time to voice concerns and take them into account.

Demonstrate the advantages of the new implementation

Explain to your coworkers what got you psyched about our product.

Involve them in the process

Train and teach your coworkers how to integrate Kohezion into their routine. Select a few interested people     who’ll become your super-users and will pass on their new-found knowledge to others.

Reinforce kudos and forgive mistakes

This is a learning process, be patient.

Support your team

Offer your help and remind them to use our email support service.


Remember, at Kohezion, we empower the disempowered, we organize the disorganized and we connect the disconnected. You can count on us to help you during this period of instability. Let me know how I can help, it will be my pleasure to do so.