How to create report templates with Kohezion

Easy step by step how-to for report templates


Step 1 – Select an application

Report template step 1

Select the application for which you want to create a report template.


Step 2 – Report template settings

Report template step 2

– Give your report template a name,

– Select whether you want to have your report public or not,

– Select the type of report template you want to create: HTML, XML, Text or Word.


Step 3 – Project fields

Report template step 3

Select the project field you want to see appear in your report.


Step 4 – Item fields

Report template step 4

Select the item field you want to include in your report. You can create a report template with only a few fields or all of them. It’s all up to your specific needs.


Step 5 – Calculations

Report template step 5

If your application includes one or more number field, you have the opportunity to get calculations made on those values. Select the fields you want to get total and average for.


Step 6 – Header information

Report template step 6

Select the header information for your report. For the report itself, you can show the tittle, which user generated the report and the date it was generated on. For the item header, select if you want to see the project name, the search name and a task count.