From paper to keyboard: organizing your business online

paper to keyboard


Marie-Josée Porlier: the shoemaker going barefoot.

I used to carry a lot of paper around. Notebooks, organizers and sticky notes were in my purse, on my desk and pretty much everywhere in the house and at the office. You can imagine, this wasn’t the most effective nor efficient way to manage my time and data.


Only fools do not change their mind.

I recently switched to Kohezion to manage my tasks, my clients, my calls, my networking, my students and even my usernames and passwords!  The paper is gone. I can schedule something and then change it if I need without making a mess on paper. I’m scanning business cards and uploading them with their owner’s information. I created default searches and custom calendars to have a quick overview. I can’t lose anything and I don’t forget anything anymore. Are you as thrilled as I am? It’s your turn to go green and organize your life. It’s now your turn to try it for free. Create your trial account TODAY!


Stay put, additional calendar features will be launched next week!


Have a great week-end!