File upload and sharing feature

Upload and sharing


Create a file section in your application

Another great feature you get with Kohezion is the file upload and sharing.

The file upload is a section you can add to any application or project. It gives you the ability to upload one or more files to a specific item (client, task, etc.). You can upload virtually any type of file: documents, PDFs, images, presentations, etc.

The document section is fully customizable in shape and form. It also gives you the possibility to show the count of files you uploaded.

To your document section, you will add the file field. This field is also fully customizable. Give it a name and description. Modify the height, width, horizontal and vertical alignment and the label width and alignment. You can hide the file in search, log changes, make this field mandatory, read only or write once. The possibilities are endless to fit exactly your requirements.

Another great option is to keep versions of the file you uploaded. Now that your files are attached to your task or client or other type of item, all the users working with this project have access to the latest version of the file. No more mess.


Examples of file sections

Here are just a few examples of the files you could upload into Kohezion to make your life easier.

–    As a landlord tracking his tenants, upload the lease agreement you scanned as a PDF file.

–    Upload images your client sent you of the reparations to be made on his pool.

–    As an accountant, upload your client’s expenses sheet.

–    In the Meeting Tracker, upload a PowerPoint presentation for the next meeting with a prospective client.

Finally, when you email an item, you get to choose if you need or not to attach the files uploaded to the corresponding item.

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