How to Explain Online Database Software to Your Mom

explain online database software to your mom


If you have absolutely no idea what is online database software, you need to read this article.


What is online database software?

An online database software is a tool that allows you to create your own database applications without programming. This probably doesn’t mean much to you. Now let’s just step back a bit and have a closer look at those three words.


Software can be installed or web-based which is another word for online.

Installed software used to be bought in a box containing a CD you would put in your computer and follow the wizard to install the software on your hard-drive. Nowadays, most installed software will be bought online but will still be installed on your computer. Bottom line, if you have to install a program on your computer, the software can be considered installed. Installed software can be used locally on your computer or can share information on the Internet.

Web-based or online software will not install anything on your computer. To use them, you need to login on a portal using the Internet. You cannot use online software without an Internet connexion. The data is stored in the cloud and is backed by servers.


A database is the collection of structured data. This one may be better explained by a few examples. Let’s say you are working as an administrative assistant for a marketing firm. Each an every day, you are generating a great amount of data without even realizing it. You may be making list of persons to call, tasks to do, emails to send and so on.

If you were to use databases to manage all this information, you would probably create a contact database and a task database. Your contact database would an organized list of all the clients, prospects and other contacts important to your firm. Your task database would contain all the tasks not only assigned to you but to all the other members of your team.

Databases used to be designed and created only by seasoned programmers since you needed a great deal of coding knowledge to be able to create them. Nowadays, end-users can easily create databases without programming. We call these persons citizen developers.


The software is the program your computer is using to access and manage the information. This is where you will login, create and use your applications to log your data. The actual computer and other tangible components are called hardware. The software is intangible. It is only code that your computer is reading.


What is a database application?

The database application is the blueprint for your projects. We could also call it a form or a template. This is the actual skeleton you are building that will be copied into projects in order to gather your data. Each project will then contain numerous items. The sum of all items forms your data.

Many types of fields can be used to build an application. For examples, single line text fields will be used for names, titles or email addresses. Dropdown menus will be used to select values such as the status or the priority of a task. There are many other types of fields offered for the users to create and customize their applications.

When it comes to creating applications, the possibilities are endless. Create applications not only for your contacts and tasks but also for your progress notes, blog posts or the evaluation of your students. If you can imagine it, you can design it!


What can I achieve with online database software?

The main objective in using an online database software is to manage your data. The software will not only allow you to collect and store your information but it will also allow you to work with it in collaboration with your team.

Online database software offer data management features such as:

  • Data import from spreadsheets,
  • Email notifications,
  • Reminders,
  • Calendar with daily, weekly and monthly views that can include multiple projects,
  • Role-based security,
  • Custom and automated reporting,
  • Recurring items,
  • Custom dashboard,
  • File upload and sharing integrated with Dropbox™
  • and so much more.

With an online database software, your previously disorganized data becomes an amazing tool to save time and money while improving your business productivity.

If you want to learn even more, check out our video section. Whenever you are ready to start using an online database software, create your FREE FOREVER account.

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