Excel Online – Why It Shouldn’t Play A Part In Your Business’ Data Storage Plan

Right off the bat, here’s a valuable tip: Excel Online should not play a major part in your business’ data storage strategy. We will see precisely why that is, but for now just remember that your data – whether it pertains to your business or belongs to your clients and customers – needs to be handled in a professional and secure way.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you may try to you use it, Excel Online won’t allow you to handle it in such a way. Simply put …

Excel Online shouldn’t be the database of your choice

That’s right; Excel should not be the database your business relies on to store public data in. Needless to say, it should definitely never be used to store confidential, mission-critical data in.

Here are some reasons why:

It’s risky

Excel was never meant to be used as a database solution – in fact, using it as such could be putting your data at risk.

Apart from having weak external security features, Excel offers even weaker data protection capabilities from within the worksheets themselves – anyone who can gain access to one of your files, need only copy and paste it. Even if you were to disable copy and paste, all they’d need to do is take a screenshot of the data.

Securing it is next to impossible

You might think you would try to stop this from happening using VBA code, but it would soon turn into a nightmare as you chase every single confidential workbook to protect… and then, later, seek them again to remove the code because someone else needs to can use or update them.

Just keeping track of which spreadsheets have the code running – and which ones don’t – will be a tedious task; it’s impractical.

Roles and privileges are non-existent

Roles and privileges are difficult to assign on an individual level. This could prove a costly mistake if someone were to gain unauthorized access to someone else’s account – let’s not forget, people love sharing their passwords and no matter what you do, determined malevolent users will find ways of bypassing any security measures that are in place.

Also, Excel Online doesn’t keep sensitive data secure – for example, you can’t hide columns with sensitive information. This means, anyone who can preview your workbooks will be able to see what has been saved in it.

If you are naïve enough to think clever code tricks will stop determined people from taking a peak at any sensitive data you’re trying to hide, you’ve got another think coming.

For example, in the image below, the “Sensitive Data” in cell D2 can still be seen in the formula bar when the cursor is on the cell:

Temporary solutions shouldn’t last forever

Now, if you already have Excel Online in your business you need to make sure it is a temporary database solution and immediately start taking steps to get rid of the weakest link in your data processing chain. Because, that is exactly what it is – a liability.

It is time to start considering other, better, database solutions. In fact, if you want to take it a step further you can opt for custom-built online database software solutions.

Although the phrase might sound a bit “hi-techy” you’d be surprised at how easy it is to build your own custom online databases using low-code development software solutions.

Soon isn’t soon enough to move to online database solutions

Without further delay, now, is the time to move away from your Excel Online “database” solution. The spreadsheet application was never intended to be anything more than exactly that – a spreadsheet application. It certainly wasn’t intended to serve as a reliable online database solution for businesses.

Therefore, move your data today and minimize data-breach risks before they even occur. The move will also optimize the way you use your data to serve your clients which, in turn, will improve your business’ overall performance.

But, most importantly, your dedication to data security will instill trust in your client’s eyes and earn the heartfelt respect of your competitors.

You can’t lose with customized online database solutions

Let’s stress that point again: with online database solutions handling your business’ data, things can only get better for your business and your customers.

Some advantages you can expect

With online cloud database solutions you get:

  • Your business is armed with up-to-date technology used in data protection; it guarantees data security
  • You won’t need to run a team of administrators to care for your data; it is easy to use and maintain cloud computing technology
  • This is the avant-garde data storage solution which you and your clients can rely on; such signs of professionalism can only help your business’ image and performance

Some pitfalls you will avoid

Here are solutions to some of your problems that will be provided by your new cloud storage solution:

  • Stop data loss and corruption due to users’ recklessness with their inputs, data sharing, and password protection – access control makes life easier for you and tougher for unauthorized users
  • Avoid errors in final reporting or auditing due to mixed-up data sheets caused by too many versions floating around the office – a central database stops data redundancy
  • No more limitation to data consumption, sharing, and processing due to use of the wrong data storage solution that wasn’t designed for the purpose to begin with – with an online database solution everything is optimized and everyone is happy

But, more importantly, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to make the leap from Excel Online to your own custom online database solution. And with that worry out of the way, you can look forward to things only getting better for your data, your users, and your business.

Migrate from Excel Online to online database solutions

Now, although we say it is easy for you to make the transformation from Excel Online to your new online database, it would still be quite understandable if you decided you would rather have professionals handle it for you.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know there are many experts who come with these online database solutions, and who will have your new online databases up and running in a matter of minutes – complete with the data imported from Excel Online worksheets.

In fact, simply contact us here and find out how easy it really is.