Everyday miracles

Man with idea bulb


When I work as a nurse, I work in a mental hospital. It is an understatement to say that it can be a very chaotic environment. We deal with instability, sometimes with violence. The people working in mental hospitals make the conscious choice to work in such an environment and are usually very passionate about their work. They love to make every action count, whether it is to calm down an agitated patient or to make sure their unit is tidy.

Yesterday, I saw a picture on Facebook that reminded me just as caring people can be about their work at the hospital. Every unit has its own stash of clean linens. It is usually quite disorganized in cabinets, pillow cases mixed with sheets and washcloths. A beneficiary attendant, probably fed up with this mess, got the idea of organizing it. Not only did he get the idea to organize it but he actually did it. It probably cost a few bucks, no big deal. Nobody asked him to do it, he just cared enough about his unit and his patients to go from inaction to action. I call these actions «everyday miracles».

Can you remember when is the last time you took action without being paid for it? Without your boss asking for it? Be creative, I’m sure your workplace desperately needs your ideas to make it a better place to grow in.

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