Empowering Organizing Connecting

Time to explain the vocabulary used for Kohezion. Why did we call this business Kohezion? You can probably easily see the link between Kohezion and cohesion and you are right! The Meriam-Webster define cohesion as:

1: the act or state of sticking together tightly;

2: union between similar plant parts or organs;

3: molecular attraction by which the particles of a body are united throughout the mass.

Definitions 1 «sticking together tightly» and 3 «united throughout the mass» seemed especially meaningful to us. We wish that the users of Kohezion can find in our product the means to work TOGETHER. Kohezion give its users a communication platform to share their data.

Now, let me explain how we came up with the words empowering, organizing and connecting to represent Kohezion.

Empowering the disempowered

Giving power to all users regardless of their background. To use Kohezion, you don’t need a degree from MIT, you don’t need to know HTML and you don’t need to wait for the IT department to set-up your application. Power to the user, it’s that simple.

Organizing the disorganized

I’m a firm believer that spreadsheets are an evil creation from a person who wanted me to loose my data. I confess, I can be a very disorganized person. I’m the kind of data gatherer who will save files all over the place and ultimately, loose important information. We create software we love to use. This is one of our main development rules. Kohezion was born to organize my disorganization. With a web-based management system, I can access my data, create my applications and stop loosing my data.

Connecting the disconnected

We’re right back to the definition of Kohezion: sticking together and being united. With my degree in nursing, it’s written in the sky that I’m a team worker. I love tools that let me communicate and collaborate with my team members. Connecting the dots so we can succeed TOGETHER.

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