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For you Kohezion users, here is a great feature I want to make sure you use on a regular basic. The email notification is super easy to use and will save you a lot of time. There are three main area in our online database application where to use the email notification.


Email notification in your projects

– When you create reminders: the application will automatically send an email to the concerned users on the date and time you chose.

– For all of your recurring tasks: the application will automatically send an email to the concerned users for that specific recurring task on all     occurrences.

– When you enter a comment in the comment section, you get to choose if you want to send that comment to one/many/all users simply by selecting their names in the «Send to» box field to the comment field.


Email notification with the reporting engine

– Email custom reports on demand as per your specific requirements at this date and time.

– You can also email it as an automated scheduled report. For example, every Monday at 10:00 AM, automatically email all the concerned users about the «In progress» tasks.


Email notification when creating a new user

– The system will automatically send an email to the new user’s specified email address to inform her of her user name and password.


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Marie-Josee Porlier

Sales Director at Kohezion
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