Dropbox and Google Drive integration into Kohezion

Advantages of the cloud storage

Remember what I said yesterday about saving your files into Kohezion, Dropbox™ or Google Drive™? In addition to have your important business documents saved in the cloud, linking your files to the appropriate item in your projects allows you to access it quickly and to share it with the other concerned Kohezion users.

Dropbox™ and Google Drive™ give you a lots of storage space for free so use it for your bigger files such as photos and images. This will save your Kohezion storage space for all your applications, projects and items.


Integration into Kohezion

Here is how to integrate those three file fields into an application. Create a section and add the file, Dropbox™ and/or Google Drive™ field into the appropriate application.

Here is how it looks like:

Integration file

These are the window that will open when you want to add a file in each section. Simply select the file you want to upload.




Dropbox file

Google Drive™

Google Drive file

For Dropbox™ and Google Drive™, you have to log into your account to be able to upload a file. Don’t worry, if you are not already logged in, the system will ask you your username and password. Don’t we all love how the integration of technologies simplifies our daily life?