Do’s and Don’ts of importing your data


Going from a spreadsheet to an online database simplifies your life tremendously. It is fair expectations from you to want to keep your preexisting data. In order to do so, you can import your spreadsheet into Kohezion. It would be a non-sense herculean task to actually create an application from scratch and then type in all these data manually. This is why we have the import feature.

Clean up your spreadsheet

So you don’t get all tangled up in the process, your first task before importing your spreadsheet is to clean it up. Here are some pointers to make your spreadsheet as neat as possible before you import it in our online database software. This will save you many error messages and a big migraine.

Graph free

Your spreadsheet must be graph free. I understand some spreadsheet providers offer real nice templates containing all sorts of bright colored graphs, but you unfortunately cannot import them. It has to be data only.

One sheet only

If your document contains more than one sheet, the system will only import the first spreadsheet. You can copy-paste the other ones in another document and import them separately.

No formula

Your spreadsheet cannot contain formulas. The wizard won’t be able to read it.

No password

Make sure the spreadsheet you’re importing is not protected with a password. If so, copy-paste the data in a new unprotected document.


A great way to clean up your spreadsheet is to save it as a CSV file, then again as a XLSX file. This process will get rid of a lot of junk.

No lost data

Also check the last few rows and lines for lost data. You cannot have data in a row that doesn’t have a tittle.

Full first column

Make sure the first column of your spreadsheet contains data in all the rows. The first column of your import will become your only mandatory field in your application. We usually try to have the name of an item as the first column. Everybody and everything has a name, right?

Numbers with numbers

If you want to create a number field in your application, make sure the row containing numbers contain only numbers. If you don’t, this field will have to be a single line text.

Choose field types

After you import your spreadsheet, you can customize the fields and add more to it. But choose carefully when the wizard asks you about the type of field you want for every column. You cannot change the type of field once your application is created.

New or existing app

You can import a spreadsheet into an existing application or create a new application from your spreadsheet.

Simple name without punctuation

Give your spreadsheet a simple name without spaces or punctuation.

Need help

Last but not least, don’t forget we are here for you if you need help to import your data. Sometimes, it is a lot simpler to let us do the work. You can then enjoy the result, without the headache.

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