Don’t Make This Silly Mistake With Your Legacy System

Mistake Business Legacy System


This is not a secret. The biggest, worst, silliest mistake you can make with your legacy system is to ignore it. No problems ever solve themselves alone. It will not disappear even if you look away. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t ignore your legacy system.


Your legacy system is a time bomb

Not looking at the bomb won’t stop its timer to tick… and eventually the bomb to blow! Can you afford down time?

Your system is not going to get younger nor your senior IT guys who are dreaming about golf and retiring to Florida way more than training the newbies in diapers you just hired. The leaders who helped create your actual system and still understand each and every of its peculiarities will not be part of your IT department forever. The young ones need to learn the system as soon as possible or you have to change it.

Either way, you have to do something, fast. Closing your eyes and waiting for the system to crash will only cost you a fortune in time and lost revenue. Think ahead and make a change.


Your legacy system is costing you loads

We already discussed the maintenance, integration, compatibility, security, accessibility and support issues that come with your legacy system and the rampant costs coming with all of these alarming issues.

How much business would cost you a security breach? How many customers would you loose? Would your business even survive such an event? Are you willing to take the chance to learn the hard way?

What about support? If the vendor who designed the system years ago is still around, how much is he charging you to maintain your system current? Do you even have all the information you need to run the system properly or do you need workarounds?

How much development did you have to pay for in the last few years to fix compatibility and integration issues? Could you even fix the issues or did you have to settle for less than your requirements because your system could not keep up with the new technologies?

If you still think replacing your legacy system would cost more than maintaining it, I am sure you didn’t sit and align numbers yet. Take an appointment with your accountant and actually look at the numbers. I bet you will call vendors the next day to get quotes for a replacement system.


Your staff hates your legacy system

They will never say it to your face, but trust me, they do. They would love to be empowered and be able to edit their databases, searches and reports themselves. They would be more than happy to stop bugging the IT department for petty problems.

If you keep ignoring the legacy system they hate using, they may just end up starting to thinking you don’t care about them. Your staff will put up with the system for a while but at some point, they will get fed up. Are you willing to take the risk to loose them? Give your employees the appreciation they deserve with proper tools and support.

Whether it is by (at least!) fixing the existing legacy system or (even better!) replacing it with an easy to use business solution, you have to step up and do something for your staff. A successful business has happy employees who are using the right tools allowing them to be organized, connected and empowered.


Do you still have your eyes closed? Are you still looking away? The time has come for you to get your head out of the sand and face the problem. Your accountant, employees and customers will thank you.



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