Custom Database Software – Cost-Effective with Quick Turnaround

Right now, you can use low- code custom database software to create the data storage solutions of the future… today!

The beauty of it is that, once designed and implemented, your new custom database can be used for as long as your business is, well, in business.

Building custom databases is cost-effective

But, that’s not all; it’s not just about future-proofing your data storage capacity. We shouldn’t forget the fact that it is also the most cost-effective database development option. Here’s why:

  • There is no need for you to hire developers who would cost you time and money while they design your custom database from the ground up
  • Your data is migrated from legacy systems, and into the cloud with ease, in a just a few steps
  • You also won’t need administrators to take care of your databases after they are up and running – there are better-trained professionals who will do it for you, and they won’t cost you a fortune either
  •  Everything – from back up to support and after sales service – will help you continue to grow your databases parallel to your business’ upward trajectory further enabling your success

All in all, businesses can cut their IT budgets and save a significant amount of man-hours by simply creating their own custom databases in the cloud; and they don’t even have to babysit them once they have been launched!

What are the other advantages of custom database software?

There’s still some more – using custom database software solutions gives you the following additional advantages:

High quality

Designing and deploying online databases using custom database software pushes a business’ data storage capacity to the next level. The amount of data that can be stored – and accessed more effectively – skyrockets.

Businesses that were stuck with ineffective data storage applications like Excel and Access will appreciate the transformation to a high quality data storage system. New working procedures like collaboration and remote access can even help create a paradigm shift in a business’ processes opening doors to new and efficient ways of doing things.

Short design-to-implementation time

What is more amazing is that developing these secure cloud database solutions isn’t even time-consuming.

Once the schematics have been finalized, it only takes minutes to convert it all into an online database that is ready to go live. This is all thanks to a low-code development process that cuts the time wasted on developing a huge amount of code for every little task.

High flexibility

Once a database is up and running it doesn’t mean the story ends there. There will always be need for technical tasks like extending data types, addition of tables, creation of views or datasets, and general expansion of databases.

Well, whatever the new requirement may be, it can all be accommodated with configuration steps that take mere minutes and nothing more.

Also, with online custom database software designing there is no need to “go back to the drawing board.” If you go ahead and just tweak the design a little, or tinker about under the hood, you will still end up with a robust database solution that now accommodates your new requirements.


Custom online databases are secure. They are hosted on platforms that are administered by professionals who have made it their bread and butter to look after data and databases.

Meanwhile, the databases themselves are hosted on servers that are also protected by several layers of security.

In fact, in a typical hosting environment the measures taken to ensure server and data security include:

  • Patching of data servers to avoid vulnerabilities before they can be exploited
  • Strict authentication and authorization policies and procedures to protect servers – and the data stored on them
  • Audit trails to keep track of changes that have been made and by whom
  • Backups that are reliable enough so as to be used to reverse any changes that have been made – be it erroneously or maliciously
  • Destruction of data that is no longer needed by clients – as soon as the agreed retention period is over
  • Encryption of data in all its three states: at rest, in transit, and in use
  • Screening, training, and hiring trusted and reliable employees who can handle servers and data professionally and ethically

Professional support

One of the best things about storing data in custom databases is that businesses don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

But, in case of trouble, all they need to do is contact the support staff at any time and let them figure out – and fix – any issues.

That’s not all; custom database software companies come with teams who can undertake the whole project for you.

Even if your request for a new database came with complex requirements – and should have been up and running yesterday – the experts will take your request and, after a thorough analysis, turn it into a real, live entity.

And finally, after all the training has been given, you will find yourself owning and running a new database solution in no time.

Custom database software is the future

Now, at this point, the question that needs to be asked is why, with this database design technology available to them, would any business not want to opt for it?

And so, in reply – and to clear up any remaining doubts – let’s briefly highlight the advantages you can expect one more time:

  • No need to hire tech teams to create and administer new cloud databases
  • No need to spend money on expensive developers; anyone with a clear picture of the business’ processes can create databases and apps that interface with them
  • Easy data migration from legacy systems like Excel – done in a matter of minutes
  • No need to worry about data security, scalability, and availability when it is all being handled by professionals

Besides, businesses like yours should be able to focus on their main processes and not waste time and energy on data and databases – especially not when there are experts who can handle the whole process from start to finish.

So, if you require it, we can help migrate your data; simply contact us today and find the peace of mind you deserve.

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