Creating and managing your Kohezion account users

There is a new member in your team? Hurray! There is someone leaving you? It’s always sad to let someone go, I agree with you. But if we put aside good feelings, when there are users joining or leaving your Kohezion account, you have to deal with user creation, activation and inactivation. Here is what you need to know.


Administration – Security – New

The account manager can create users and manage the permissions for each of them. To create a new user, simply go under the Administration tab, then under Security, click new and type in the information.


 Creating users


Create the username

I suggest you have some sort of a code to select the username:

–  First letter of the first name plus the last name is easy to remember.

–  I don’t suggest you use only the first name since you can easily have more than one person with the same first name.

–  Using the same identifier as your email address is also easy to remember.

–  The employee number is also a good solution.


Email confirmation

Once you create the new user, the person you created it for will receive an email with the account name, its username and password. He or she can always change the password if feeling like it.


your new kohezion user account


Inactivate users

Don’t forget that you can inactivate users. When someone is leaving, you can simply inactivate his or her account instead of deleting it. This allows you to create or activate someone actually working in your team, but to keep the work done by the previous member of your team.


inactivate user

Customized user profile

Finally, if you would like to collect more information about your users, you can customize the profile for each user with the user specification icon. For example, you could want to add a phone number, second email address, the employee number or an emergency contact. Just like you can add fields to your applications, you can also customize the users’ profile. We understand that your business is not only about managing your external data but also about managing your employees. We give you a collaboration tool to do an amazing job.

user specification