Client tracking application showcase

If you manage a business, the most important part of your day is collaborating with your clients. You need to know who they are and you need to be able to access their information to reach them quickly. This is why I created the client tracking application.

See here how it is displayed.


This is a very simple yet valuable online application.

First, you get the unique identifier for your client. Then comes the usual basics: company name, client last and first name, billing address, city, province/state, postal code/zip, country, phone and fax number, email address and website. None of these fields except for the company name are mandatory so you can create a new client without having all the information and then complete it subsequently.

Then comes a status field to indicate if this is an active or inactive client. We added this field in order to create a default search so you can access your active clients information more handily. Furthermore, you can mark a client as inactive without erasing his information for future use.

Most of the fields are single line text except for the province/state field and the status field where it was more convenient to use a dropdown.

The comment section lets you had as many comments as you need and it will automatically log your changes with the date and time the comment was added. For example, you can comment on the last time you contacted the client and the questions you answered for her.

Finally, the files section lets you upload pertinent files to the client’s information. This section also lets you log the versions of your file. For example, this could be a contract, a draft the client sent you or the minutes from your last meeting with her.

I invite you to have a look at the client tracking application, just click here and use the login information below:

Account: demo

Username: client_demo

Password: client_demo

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