Can you afford daily meetings?




The cost of unnecessary meetings

How often does your team have meetings? Daily, weekly, monthly? Do you know what is the cost of an hour long daily meeting? Let’s say your 5 people team meets for one hour a day. Five people sitting for an hour represent 5 hours. If you have your meeting 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, you rank up a total of 1250 hours a year. Even if your team members are only paid 20$ an hour, it still represents 25 000$ a year. Are your meetings bringing back that much money in sales every year?


Tips to improve the efficiency of your meetings

To make sure your meetings aren’t dragging you down and making you loose precious time and money, here are a few guidelines to help you have more efficient meetings.

–  Have a meeting only if you really need it. Is there another more cost and time effective way to share the information?

–  Keep it as short as possible, set a time limit and respect it. Use a timer if you need a reminder.

–  Start and finish on time.

–  Keep it simple, have an agenda and stick to it.

–  Arrive prepared. Write down simple notes prior to the meeting if you need to make a specific point.

–  Have the least amount of people possible attending the meeting. Who is indispensable to this meeting and who is not?

–  Don’t make yourself too comfortable. Stand during the meeting if you need to.

–  Assign someone to keep people on track. She is your timekeeper.

– Leave you ego at the door. Listen to what others have to say.


Take the example of ward nurses during change of shift. It usually takes less than 15 minutes, everybody is standing, taking turns to let the next shift nurse the essentials to know about the patients in a short, simple and straight to the point way.

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